The key to truly becoming a Poshmark power seller is to be constantly sharing your listings with your followers. MyPoshBot automates that process completely for you so that you can share listings from your closet, from your feed, by keyword or even re-share the listings of people that were kind enough to share yours! This can all be done on auto-pilot even while you sleep or are at work!


The top earners at Poshmark all have one thing in common, TENS of THOUSANDS of loyal followers! That means their shared listings are coming up in front of hungry buyers every waking minute! Not everyone is lucky enough to become a recommended user so we use the power of software automation so you can Follow relevant users by the thousands with many of them following you back to see what you’re offering! You have the option to follow users interested in specific keywords related to your listings, or buyers that have followed closets similar to your own! This is a simple way to boost your followers count by thousands!



One of the best ways to supercharge your sales is by sharing your listings at the ever popular Posh Parties! Parties are attended by thousands of buyers at any given time and they’re all hungry to purchase! The problem in the past has been that Posh Parties only exist in very short & specific windows of time, so you would have to be on your app or logged in at the computer in order to share your relevant items with the party — NOT any longer! MyPoshBot will continually check to see if there are any live Parties and as soon as one goes up it will start sharing your listings to the Party, even in your sleep!